Friday, January 25, 2013

Sayonara Shiinamachi

2/11 - Bottled.
1/31 - Dry hops added.

It is cold outside. And inside. But I don't have the patience or time for a lager brew in Japan. This will probably be my last batch here. Let's try this one again. Keeping the fermentation warm enough will be a challenge. Lucky I have an insulated picnic bag that my fermentation vessel fits in, and a shelf up by the ceiling, where the warm air lives. 

I didn't grab enough Hallertau to do an exact clone of the previous batch, so there will be slightly less going on in the nose. I'm not broken-hearted, though, since this should be a good showcase for both the yeast and the Zythos hops.

Batch #77
Zythos White
-1.25 kg Dry Wheat Malt Extract
-1 oz Hallertau, 4.1%AA (60min)
-1 oz Zythos, 10.0%AA (10min)
-0.5 oz Zythos (2min)
-0.5 oz Zythos (dry)
-WLP400 Belgian Wit yeast, 1L starter*
OG: 1.055
FG: ~1.012
ABV: ~5.6%
IBU: 75-ish

Boiled 12L, added extract. Small hot break boilover. Hopped as above. Pitched yeast starter for total volume of 10L in the tank. I'm anticipating a mess.

*starter blew out the top a couple times... lots of yeast on the outside of the flask.

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