Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Tsaric Russia, stout drinks you!

11/12/10 - Just found out this took 2nd at the 6th Annual MoreBeer Forum Comp, too!

Update - On to Minneapolis!

It's brew day again and we've got another biggie lined up...

Batch #45
Russian Imperial Stout
--19lbs 2-row (RAHR)
--1.5lbs Roasted Barley (Brit)
--1lb Belg. Special B
--0.5lb CaraMunich
--0.5lb Chocolate (Brit)
--0.5lb Pale Chocolate (Brit)
--28.8AAU Magnum (60m)
--15AAU Cascade (30m)
--9.8AAU Willamette (15m)
--2oz Willamette (0m)
--1/4tsp Supermoss (15m)
--1/4tsp Fermaid K (15m)
--WLP001 California Ale Yeast, 4L starter, and 11.5g US-05 dry yeast
OG: 1.094
FG: 1.018
ABV: 10%
IBU: I don't know. Like, 80-100.

Mash in at 153F and hold for 90m. Collect 7 gallons of wort, boil one hour. Chill to 65F and pitch yeast. My efficiency is a little low on this one (no calcium added...really big beer...too much going on...excuses...) but it actually turned out close to what the original recipe (one of Jamil Z's) estimated for OG. I might add some sugar, we'll see. I can't get wort down to 65 with my chiller, so it's in the fermentation cabinet and capped with foil but the yeast will be added when the temperature is right this time. Which will hopefully be before I go on VACATION. Oh, and yes, lots of yeast...the last thing I want is an underattenuated RIS.

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Hunington said...

In Demokratic Czech Republik, Pilsner drinks you!