Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rainy Sunday afternoon... time to brew.

Metric. Because my scale doesn't read pounds and ounces. The extract and grain packets do, but I'm splitting them between this and the next brew - a dark and stormy hop bomb. I may oak-age a portion of this (but not for very long) just to see how it turns out. The coffee will go in at bottling, most likely. Home-roasted beans (probably Ethiopian origin unless I have something more interesting at the time) cold-steeped and delicious.

Batch #73
Coffee Stout, 10 L in fermenter
2 kg Light DME
300 g Crystal 40L
150 g Roasted Barley
75 g Black Patent
75 g Chocolate
28 g Northern Brewer, 8.5%AA (60m)
28 g Kent Goldings, 7.2%AA (5m)
1/2 tab Whirlfloc (5m)
WLP004 - Irish Ale Yeast, 1 vial
OG: 1.065
IBU: 65-70

Steep grains in 12L water while heating. Pull grains out ~75 C. Open a bottle of Duvel. Bring to a boil, add extract, hops at 60m and 5m. Open Chimay and add clarifier at 5m.

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