Sunday, September 20, 2015

Anything but

-- Soaked ~1oz med+ American oak cubes in a chardonnay (after first rinsing the charcoal and particulate off with the same), for about 1 week. Added to the beer on 2/21. Very thin pellicle is present. Beautiful flavors :)

This isn't really a Temptation clone. But it started out as the idea of a Temptation clone.

Batch #93
Wine Barrel Aged Sour Blonde

5 lbs Belgian Pilsner malt
5 lbs American White Wheat malt
1 lb German Acidulated malt
1 oz El Dorado, 15.8%aa, 15 min

Water: 6 gallons RO with 1/3 tsp each gypsom, epsom, and calcium carbonate, 3/4 tsp calcium chloride, and a pinch of table salt. Added 2 gallons spring water. Overall, soft "light colored and malty" profile.
Yeast: Belgian Sour Mix I, WLP655 , 1 L starter

OG: 1.052
IBU: ~25

Mash-in to 155F in 17 qts water for 1 hour. Batch sparge to extract 7 gallons wort. Kettle sour overnight (mine formed a pellicle already?!). Boil for 75 min. Chilled, yeast and bugs pitched, nice warm day got things rolling fast.

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