Sunday, July 9, 2017

Plum Sour the First

7/13/17 -- SG at 1.007. Tart, a little spice, a little fruity hop aroma. Racked just under 3 gallons into a small carboy with 1 oz HBC-438 (Ron Mexico). Added 4.5lbs frozen plums and a small handful of oak cubes (Med+ American) to the remainder. Likely adds 0.006 to SG - watching for refermentation.
7/9/17 -- SG at 1.010.

Someone brought plums to work from their tree. I asked for more, he delivered - like, easily 20 pounds, maybe not the 30 he claimed. Even so, that's a lot. Building a bigger kettle soured beer (remember this one)

Batch #99
Plum tart
5 lbs Belgian Pale Ale
5 lbs White Wheat Malt
0.5 lb Chateau Monastique ("Abbey") Malt
0.5 lb CaraRed
1 oz  Mosaic (11.2%aa), 15 minutes
WLP566 - Belgian Saison II, 1 L starter
Soft water. Built from RO with a little chalk, epsom, and table salt.

Save a fistful of crushed grain. Mash in at 125F in about 2 gallons water, rest 15 min. Add ~1.5 gallons water near boiling to bring to 155F. Rest one hour.

Lazy, so batch sparged to collect 7 gallons.

One liter stolen to boil for a starter.

Throw the saved grain in with the wort and keep warm (100-115F) overnight.

Boiled (sorta...lost temp for a bit) for 45minutes, cooled and pitched yeast starter. Allowed warm fermentation to bring out all the fun of the yeast

OG: 1.048
FG: 1.006
ABV: ~5-6%
IBU: 10-15