Sunday, August 18, 2013

Go team!

Update 9/13 - Bottled. FG a little high. Less roast and a little lighter color than original recipe called for. Would probably do better in competition as a porter.

Mrs picked up the B3 Honey Stout kit sometime last year, and never brewed it. So after replacing the LME and pre-crushed malt (with some minor changes based on inventory at the Los Altos showroom), we're having a family brew day!

Batch #81
Honey Stout (extract)

6lbs Ultralight LME

1lb Ultralight DME
4 oz Maltodextrin
6 oz Black Roasted (UK?)
4 oz Crystal 15L (US)
4 oz Munich (Ger)
2 oz Chocolate (UK)
1.5lbs Wildflower Honey, flameout
1 oz Centennial, 10.4%AA (60m)
1 oz Cascade, 6.4%AA (5m)
1 oz Cascade, 6.7%AA (1m)
Whirlfloc, 10m
WLP004 - Irish Ale Yeast, 1 L starter
OG: 1.060
FG: 1.018
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: ~45

Steep grains in 6.5 gal for ~30m at ~155F. All sugars added except for honey. Boil 60m. Honey added at flameout (previously diluted with a little hot water to reconstitute the crystals and make mixing easier). Chill, pitch yeast, and ferment at 65F.


Michael said...

Family brew day! Awesome. I hope it went well. I noticed you also had to mention being in the B3 showroom...

Jason said...

yeah, but as usual, the wife brewing quickly turns into me brewing and the wife working on some other (faster payoff) project. this time it was ginger scones for a friend. delicious with strawberry-lime jelly :)

Michael said...

Ginger scones...sigh...killing me. And brewing...damn. I bottled my last kit on Sunday. Will wait a week or so and do my first all grain batch. Got a Drake's IPA clone from B3 for my first go around.