Friday, December 24, 2010

You be Beethoven and other bad jokes

Last brew for a while since I'm not sure I'll be able to do much in Japan. This is the "Brewing Classic Styles" Marzen Madness recipe with some additions to clean out my malt supply. Stay tuned for my beer-related adventures from Japan.

Batch #70
I'llbe Bock
--5lbs Pils
--4lbs Munich
--3lbs Vienna
--4oz Aromatic
--2.5oz Carafa II
--2oz Hallertauer 4.6%AA (60m)
--1/2 tsp calcium chloride (mash)
--whirlfloc (5m)
--1.5L starter made from saved yeast blend from pilsner
OG: 1.062 (okay, so it's more of a marzen/vienna/oktoberfest than a bock)
IBU: ~25

Mash in to 154F, hold for 1 hour. I batch sparged to collect just shy of 7.5 gallons wort pre-boil. Boiled for 90 minutes, chilled, pitched yeast. Fermenting in garage, so probably hovering around 50F.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stay thirsty AND awake, my friends

Update 12/26 - Kegged yesterday, coffee added today.
Oatmeal stout base, easy on the roast. Cold steeped coffee in secondary. Maybe the lactose is there because I enjoyed the hell out of some Surly Four last night.

Batch #69
JR Stout
--10 lbs Maris Otter
--1 lb Flaked Oats (very lightly toasted)
--0.75 lb British Black Roast Malt
--10 oz British 70/80°L
--4 oz Lactose (10m)
--2 oz Fuggles, 5.1%AA (60m)
--1/2 tsp calcium chloride (mash)
--1 tab whirlfloc (10m)
--4oz Peet's JR Reserve coffee (cold-steeped, secondary)
Safale US-05, 11.5g dry
OG: 1.065
FG: 1.016
ABV: 6.4%
IBU: ~30

Mash in around 152F. Hold for one hour. I actually probably should have mashed a little higher, but oh well. Boil 60m. Chill, pitch yeast, and ferment at 68F. Add cold-steeped coffee to secondary.