Sunday, August 18, 2013

Go team!

Update 9/13 - Bottled. FG a little high. Less roast and a little lighter color than original recipe called for. Would probably do better in competition as a porter.

Mrs picked up the B3 Honey Stout kit sometime last year, and never brewed it. So after replacing the LME and pre-crushed malt (with some minor changes based on inventory at the Los Altos showroom), we're having a family brew day!

Batch #81
Honey Stout (extract)

6lbs Ultralight LME

1lb Ultralight DME
4 oz Maltodextrin
6 oz Black Roasted (UK?)
4 oz Crystal 15L (US)
4 oz Munich (Ger)
2 oz Chocolate (UK)
1.5lbs Wildflower Honey, flameout
1 oz Centennial, 10.4%AA (60m)
1 oz Cascade, 6.4%AA (5m)
1 oz Cascade, 6.7%AA (1m)
Whirlfloc, 10m
WLP004 - Irish Ale Yeast, 1 L starter
OG: 1.060
FG: 1.018
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: ~45

Steep grains in 6.5 gal for ~30m at ~155F. All sugars added except for honey. Boil 60m. Honey added at flameout (previously diluted with a little hot water to reconstitute the crystals and make mixing easier). Chill, pitch yeast, and ferment at 65F.