Saturday, December 12, 2009


Batch #50
Bohemian Pilsner
--8lb German Pils
--9oz CaraPils
--9oz American Munich
--3.9AAU Saaz 3.9% (60m)
--3.9AAU Saaz 3.9% (45m)
--3AAU Saaz 3%, whole (30m)
--3AAU Saaz 3%, whole (10m)
--whirlfloc (10m)
--pinch gypsum in mash
--WLP800, 2L starter
OG: 1.046
FG: 1.009
ABV: 4.8%
IBU: ~30-35

Meant to mash 60m at 154F, ended up mashing in to 158, dropping to 145, raising to 150, and holding for 45 more minutes. Used a 90m boil, ended up with just about 5 gallons exactly in the bucket. Probably 4.5-4.75 in carboy. This is what happens when you brew outside in the rain on a cold day and screw up the mash. Oh well. Smells good.


dank brewer said...

yo man. Did you keg this...or bottle? I bottled my Pilsner and ended up repitching with Nottingham dry yeast upon a recommendation by my LHBS, and am wondering if it added a fruity taste to my beer. Still tastes good...just wondering what others do to bottle Lagers.

Jason said...

kegged and forced.

i have bottled a couple lagers, and both times i've added dry yeast with the priming sugar. but those were dark lagers (brews 33 and 60)that already had a little fruit to them.

i've heard that it shouldn't be an issue even in pils etc.