Monday, May 27, 2013

Brew to the weather.

Update 6/9 - Kegged with 3.5oz table sugar, should give effervescent carbonation to balance the final gravity of 1.004. Will condition in keg 20L keg and probably split into bottles and 10L keg.

I want something dry, summery, and ready fast.

Batch #79
4.5lbs Golden Promise
4.25lbs White wheat malt
4 oz Belgian Biscuit malt
1 oz N Brewer, 8.6%AA (60m)
0.5 oz Cascade (5m)
Whirlfloc 10m
Wyeast 3711, French Saison yeast
OG: ~1.040
FG: ~1.004
ABV: ~4.7%
IBU: ~35

Mash-in at 148-150F, hold for 1 hour. Batch sparge to 7 gallons wort at ~1.032. Boil down to 5.5 gallons. Fermenting 5 gal around 70F.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rollin' in green

Update 6/2 - Bottled. Estery, but tasty.
Update 5/25 - Dropped a couple ounces of dry hops in. Instead of clogging up my racking cane with hops floating in the carboy, I made a hop sausage with steel mesh casing. Fits through the carboy mouth and hopefully comes back out later.

Home again, home again :)

I am not good at reading things. That is why I bought Apollo instead of Amarillo. LHBS was out of MO *and* my oats *and* the yeast I wanted to use. And mashed higher than intended...let's blame it on jet-lag. So slight modification from the last three times, but the same basic idea: amber/red, hoppy as a hopped-up hop...thing.

c.f. Batches 64, 67, 71...trying to be scientific about homing in on perfecting this one. Things like out-of-stock items on brew day, laziness, living 130 miles from my fermentation space, etc, cause some hiccoughs. I do have plans, but plans need money and space and time.

Batch #78
Lost Harvest
10.5 lbs Maris Otter 11 lbs Golden Promise
1 lb British 70-80L
1 lb White wheat malt
8 oz Golden naked oats
8 oz Victory
1 oz Magnum, 12.3%AA (60m)
0.5 oz Magnum, 12.3%AA (30m)
1 oz Centennial, 10.4%AA (20m)
0.5 oz Apollo, 18.0%AA (10m)
0.5 oz Simcoe, 13.7%AA (10m)
0.5 oz Citra, 13.5%AA (10m)
0.5 oz Cascade, 6.7%AA (10m)
0.5 oz Apollo, 18.0%AA (5m)
0.5 oz Simcoe, 13.7%AA (5m)
0.5 oz Citra, 13.5%AA (5m)
0.5 oz Cascade, 6.7%AA (5m)
1 oz each Sim/Cit (dry)
Whirlfloc 10m
1/4 tsp epsom and gypsum in mash
Safale US-05 US-04, 11.5g dry
OG: 1.067
FG: 1.017
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 100+

Mashed in 17qts at 154F (overshot target of 150 a bit). Sparged 17qts to collect 6.5gal@15P. Boiled 60m, collected about 5.5gal. Pitched yeast at 74F (hot, I know...was in a hurry...bad form.)