Monday, November 9, 2009

Half barrel brew

Update 12/09: Rumor is this has been filtered, carbonated, and kegged. I should be bringing some home and find the FG/ABV soon enough.

So, this is a different. I brewed a 20 gallon extract batch at Devil's Canyon using their brew-on-premise system. It sounds like after filtering and transfers I should get about 15 gallons out at best. The gravity is a little higher than I was planning for, but it'll be okay. That's why it's an "imperial mild". This is the Dark Mild recipe from Brewing Classic Styles scaled up by a factor of 4.5 instead of the 3.3 for going by just volume...hence "imperial". I added the Fuggles to give it a little more complexity. We'll see how it turns out. The recipe is a lot darker than I was hoping for, but that's my fault for scaling up the black malt...I would have liked something closer to a deep ruby color. There's always next time.

Batch #49 (20 gallons)
Imperial Dark Mild
Brown Ale
--7L (~22lbs) Golden Light LME (Briess)
--2.25lb Crystal 60L
--27oz Crystal 120L
--18oz Brit Pale Chocolate
--9oz Brit Black Malt
--18.2AAU Kent Goldings 5.2% (60m)
--4.8AAU Fuggles 4.8% (30m)
--whirlfloc (15m)
--WLP002, yeast cake from batch 48
OG: 1.050
IBU: ~25

Steeped the grains for 30 min with temperature ranging from 145F at start to 163F at finish. Normal 60m boil with all extract added at the start. Fermenting around 68-70F.

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