Sunday, April 1, 2012

I made a CDA

Update 4/27 - Tasty brew, hasty execution resulting in too much hop gunk in the bottles and hence some gushing. Really like the recipe, though!
Update 4/9 - SG 1.014, added dry hops.


Why would I make something so unappealing as a CDA/BlackIPA/IBA when I could make a delicious WHITE IPA? So much of the tastiness.

Limited to what I have on hand, this beer will not be a SMASH, but a SMATH. Or, maybe more accurately a SMEBATH. Single Malt Extract Blend And Two Hops.

Batch #75
Zythos White
-1.25 kg Dry Wheat Malt Extract
-1 oz Hallertau, 3.9%AA (60min)
-1 oz Zythos, 10.9%AA (10min)
-0.5 oz each hop (2min)
-0.5 oz each hop (dry)
-WLP400 Belgian Wit yeast, 1L starter
OG: ~1.060 (~1.057 incl starter)
FG: 1.014
ABV: 5.6%
IBU: somewhere between 50 and 80. YOU do the math.

Boiled 11L, added extract. Hopped as above. Boiled off more than I expected. 7L into fermentation. Pitched 1L active yeast starter.

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